1. If you also want to register a vendor, please keep in mind the following points.

  2. Give complete information of any product so that the consumer can get the information of that product correctly and it is easy to buy.
  3. Before listing any product, keep in mind that the background of the product is white, black or any one colour.
  4. List the 360-degree picture of the product.
  5. Send the item to the customer as shown in the website.
  6. Before sending the parcel to the consumer, make sure whether he has sent the order or not, and inform correct time to reach the consumer.
  7. Do not send the parcel without talking to the consumer.
  8. Pack the parcel well to avoid damage.
  9. We will not be responsible for any breakage.
  10. Ship the product according to the order placed by the consumer.
  11. If the product ordered by the consumer is not available then inform the customer and us.
  12. If the consumer wants to replace that product with another product, then send its image to the customer, send the product only after the customer’s consent.
  13. You can take the consent of the customer by mail or in WhatsApp group (wherein the customer, you and our number is 9716959339). In case of email, you can get the consent of the customer by keeping us in CC.
  14. If the goods are not shipped according to the customer’s order, then amount will not be paid and your membership will be terminated for the future.
  15. List the product in the correct category. Product not valid in other categories.
  16. You should only list brand new products here, do not list old products.
  17. Before packing the product, ensure that it is not defective in any way.
  18. Orders must be shipped within 48 hours after the order is received, if 2 consecutive orders go out of the deadline then your membership will be terminated.
  19. Your payment will be deposited in your given bank account on 5th and 25th of every month.
  20. Your payment will be transferred within 15 days after the order is delivered.
  21. The charge for payment transfer will be deducted, whatever will be determined by the bank.
  22. If you deliver the wrong product to the customer and the customer wants a refund, then you have to return the full amount.
  23. Take care before courier
  24. Product packed in perfect condition.
  25. Customer’s complete address must be printed by computer with PIN code and valid mobile number, not handwritten.
  26. Your full address must be printed by computer with PIN code and valid mobile number, not handwritten.
  27. Show the correct weight and size of the packet. Weight in grams and measurement in centimetres.
  28. If the product is to be kept straight, then mark the arrow according to the

    upright position.

  1. Pack the packet properly from all four sides and sign it before putting the

     tape on the place where the packet opens