Pahari Gulonband

#Galobandh additionally referred to as ‘Galabandh’ is one in every of the distinguished jewellery of Kumaoni culture. This elite article of clothing is donned by Kumaoni, Garhwali, Bhotiya, and Jaunsari girls. The Galobandh because the name suggests is tied around the neck and is just worn by the married girls. the individuality of Galobandh is that it’s designed on a red belt, on that the golden square-shaped jewellery items area unit superbly organized with the assistance of a thread. tho’ is a piece of sublime jewellery it’s obtaining out of fashion as trendy jewellery has captured the markets, creating no area for ancient ornaments. whereas the ornament is extremely likeable by the agricultural girls it’s not abundant well-liked among those that reside within the cities.